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Course Sea Guide Intake
Course Dates 10/02/2018 - 11/02/2018
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Sea Guide is one of the most demanding Australian Canoeing certifications you can gain - this is a 2 year undertaking if you have no prior sea kayaking experience. You are expected to paddle your own trips and expeditions as well to gain further experience - there are many opportunities  worldwide in the sea kayak industry! 

The first step is to undertake the Sea Guide intake weekend $395, this involves assisting and observing alongside our instructors on our weekend sea starter course - which is an  introduction to sea kayaking course for the community. We run this once a month from October to April,  you can come back and assist as many times you like over a 2 year period until you believe you are ready to undertake your assessment.

The AC Sea Guide Intake:

  • Held over two days: Saturday and Sunday
  • Held in conjunction with the Sea Starter Course - you have the opportunity to revise your skills and gain experience delivering appropriate skills under the supervision of our Instructors
  • Sea Starter Courses and AC Sea Guide Intakes are held monthly at our Training & Hire Centre at Sandringham

How much & what does it include?

  • $395 per person 
  • After your initial intake you can come back and assist on as many Sea Starter Courses as you wish over a 2 year period until you are ready for assessment
National Training Provider East Coast Kayaking
Address PO Box 7522 Beaumaris 3193
Sandringham VIC 3191
Website Visit Website
Course Cost Free
Please ensure you have been in contact with East Coast Kayaking prior to registering for this course to ensure you have the appropriate skills and information to take part.