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Program Coastal Guide - Sit on Top Craft
Course Dates 13/05/2017 - 13/05/2017
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Coastal Guide

This course is for people seeking employment where the the group under instruction will leave the immediate launch area such as a day or part-day excursion. Holders of the Coastal Guide Award are qualified to lead or guide sit-on-tops in coastal  conditions defined as:

  • Estuaries, embayment’s and areas enclosed or partially enclosed by fringing reef or islands;
  • Areas of exposed coastline that are simple, not involving overfalls, tidal races, difficult
  • landings or open crossings may be included;
  • Distances of up to 1 nautical mile offshore;
  • Conditions below Fresh (17 knots) as defined by the Beaufort Scale and used by the Bureau of Meteorology.
This is recommended for activities such as camps, school trips and experiences.

Location: Our Training Centre at 37 Jetty Road, Sandringham, with the practical component on the sheltered waters of Sandringham Harbour. Other locations for your private group / organisation can be arranged - contact us to discuss.
Duration: 9.00am - 4.30pm
Cost: $220. Kayak hire $30 if required
Registration with Australian Canoeing is $150 for 3 years registration (if your first award - or $18 if you already hold a Guide/Instructor Award)
Class Size: Maximum 12 participants

Assessment can also be undertaken through Private Tuition $300 for a one day private session or we can schedule a day for your group of 4 or more at $180 each - contact us to organise your assessment outside the scheduled dates.

National Training Provider East Coast Kayaking
Address PO Box 7522 Beaumaris 3193
Sandringham VIC 3191
Website Visit Website

Please ensure you have been in contact with the Training Provider prior to registering for this course to ensure you have the appropriate skills and information to take part.

Prices for course vary depending on the Training Provider, course length and course type and so please ensure you are aware of the costs prior to registering. There will also be a $170.00 fee to register your qualification with Australian Canoeing for 3 years. You will only be invoiced for your AC registration at the completion of your assessment.